Beard styles for men to look better in 2019

Beard styles for men to look better in 2019:

The ultimate styles of your beard is totally depend upon your face contrast and dimensions. Remember that not every style of beard suits on every guy. Its totally up to you which style would you prefer for your face . Here are some beard styles for men which will change your mind to get a perfect beard for your face.

1.Circle beard

The circle beard, also known as a goatee, is a chin strap and a mustache that meet to form a circle. Guys with rounder faces typically have wide cheekbones, wide jawbones that sit at or below their mouths, and a short chin. If your face is shaped like this, it’s smart to focus on facial hair like a Van Dyke or a goatee.

2.Full beard

Nowadays, a lot of men want to have a smart and healthy full beard as it is not only stylish but also expresses the manly bold look. Full beard styles are trending all the time in 2019 and this beard is for the men who has triangular face.

3.Short stubble

Stubble is very specific kind of hair that’s been shaved but has grown a little bit after a few days. Stubble bear is rough ad can be itchy. One of the main reason is to use this beard is ease to take care on daily basis. You will be able to go outside for days without shaving.

4.Medium stubble

This well-defined stubble will sure attract the eyes, it’s not so light as to not be noticed, but at the same time not as scruffy. If you’re sporting such stubble make sure to keep it well trimmed and the edges clean-cut for a neater look.

5.Long stubble

As the name suggest that it should be a longer than the medium beard. You might call your unshaven stubble beards as an excuse of not shaving, but that’s okay. As long as, the edges and neckline are clean, you can laze out as you wish.

6.Mustache beard

This type of beard is for square face guys. They have two options whether to go with circle beard or mustache only. Both beard gives a great look to your face.

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