Best bodyweight exercises ,anyone can do at home

Best bodyweight exercises, anyone can do at home:


Bodyweight exercises are for those people who are interested in gaining their weight without going any gym. These exercises improves a lot to get a bigger muscles for yourself. You just need to make it a part of your daily program. From bodyweight exercises you can easily become an athletic person. The biggest and great thing about bodyweight exercises is they can do anytime and anywhere. Most interesting part of these exercises are they are pain free and machine free. So,here are some great bodyweight exercises for you.



A jump squat is a full body workout without any machine requirement. You have to start it with your feet, move your feet a bit wider than your shoulder. Put your hand interlocked behind your head and jump vertical as much you can. When your jump was done you have to come back to a squats position.


It is a great strength exercise for your muscles specially for legs muscle. It is basically a full body exercise but is primary for legs. First you have to put your hand on your waist. After that you have to step forward your any of the foot you want, than you have to stretch your legs. After this again the same procedure will follow from the other leg.


This exercise can be done in push-up position. When you take the position of push ups your elbow should touch to the ground and stay in that position for few minutes. It will Increase your inner strength and loose the belly fat also.


As you do the normal jump same procedure will follow with this exercise. Only you have to do is, try to touch your knees to chest when you jump vertical. It is a strength based exercise primary for legs and knees.




Find a bar to hang and grab it with your palm facing your hand towards shoulder with the same shoulder width. And slowly-slowly go upwards and touch your chin to the bar maintaining a pressure on your arms.


Push-ups are great for specially biceps if you are trying to get a big arm you must try this to increase the size of your arm. Put you hand on the ground as same as you shoulder width is and start doing it.


First and for most stand in front of a door and grab the door frame with your both hand at chest height and your legs shoulder width apart. With the help of your hand pull your self down towards ground as much you can. After that with the help of doorframe pull back yourself creating a tension at your biceps.


Hang on a bar placing your hand close together your face should place towards the side of the edge of bar. Go straight up and touch your shoulder on the bar that’s how one commando chin-ups can be done.


This exercise is basically for tricep. lace your hand together and take position of push-ups. As you do simple push-ups same you have to do in this position than your push-ups will called as diamond push-ups.


It is the most common and we can say toughest exercise for triceps till now. You have to grab two way bar with a chest height so you can easily do these dips. Cross your legs so that it will not touch to the ground. While keeping your chest up and lower down, so that your elbows are parallel to the ground and raise your position to starting point. That’s called one rep.



Stand in front of a wall facing your back to the wall. Than you have to go for the squat position touching your back straight to the wall. This exercise will helps a lot in gaining your strength.


You have learnt this position many times now. So you just do a simple squats placing your hand straight to the shoulder level. It is a very good and effective exercise for legs.


Stand with your hand on your waist. And move one leg step forward until another’s knees touches to ground. Restore your position after this and again this step will follows for another leg.


Simply stand like your feet together and lunge forward with any foot. Jump vertically upward touching your elbows to legs and while in air switch the leg and land in a lunge with another leg forward.




Keeping your back straight after reaching your pushup position. Bend elbows until your chest or nose will not touches ground after that some back to the starting position. This is called one rep you can repeat it.


It is basically for increasing your strength. You have stand with your hand with the help of wall and bend your elbow until your head will not touches ground.


Hang on a bar with a very wide grip and cross your legs and start doing chin-ups.wide range chin-ups is for specially for back.


superman exercise

As the name suggest it is a superman exercise. You have to lie down on the ground on your belly and stretch your hands up like a superman. 


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