How to dress well and look like a professional for men

How  To Dress Well And Look Like A Professional For Men

As we all know that in today’s life have a good look and a well dress men means lot. Most important to his own life because the way you dressed is the way you are addressing. Also “first impression is our last impression” as we heard this line most of the time. So here are some important tips to “Dress well and look like a professional”.

Step 1:-Wear a watch always to dress well

Be very careful at time when you buy a watch,it should be pretty classic and should have a round dial. Watch is the one of the most important accessory for men to get a professional look. There are many brands which are good in watches like fastrack ,fossil and casio for men. If you have a good budget than you have to go for fossil and casio as well but if not than no worries about it some small brand are also is there as i mentioned one of them in above that is fastract. Keep in your mind that it should be very classic not sporty and funky style.

Step 2:-Wear a wrist band

Go for the right wrist band to look well dressed. In market there are many wrist band which is made up of leather don’t buy that wristband. It kills your style,buy some metallic wristbands like in this picture.

Step 3:-Always go for solid tees to dress well

Here is nothing better than a solid tees in comparison to other printed tees. And, it gives us a great look but it should fit to the body. The best collection of tees is navy blue,a black one and last a white one also.

Step 4:-Buy a check shirt and a striped shirt to have a professional look

Most of the time we see that many of us wears a colorful checked shirt which is not at all good. Always buy a same colored check shirt to attain others attention. A striped shirt is also looks good to have a great professional look. Don’t buy cheapest shirt go for branded shirt.You have to do iron before going outside because it gives a clean look of your shirt.

Step 5:-Beard trimming

It is obvious that whenever someone looks at us they firstly contact with our face. If face was untidy no attention you will got. Take care of your face and beard,trim every time whenever it is necessary to do that. For that we have electric razors which is very useful for us and we don’t need anyone to ask him to do it. We can easily trim our beard with the help of these razors.

Step 6:-Focus on your footwear to dress well

It’s the time to change your footwear style to dress well. People see shoes as a way of your income source and social status as well. So buy a good pair of shoes not average because a man can judge by his shoes. Don’t buy running shoes its worth to spent lots of money on them. Buy some pairs of leather shoes which will give the full attention to all others.

Step 7.Amaze by fitting

You all know that we wear very loose dresses at home, but it is not at all good at public places. As we go outside the home,we all know that fitting is the new king. All people follow new trends and it is compulsory to follow the same for us if we want to dress well and want attention from others. So buy that clothes which is fit to your body well, if it not than adjust it from tailor.

Step 8:-Limited clothes but more effective to dress well

Don’t think that if your wardrobe is full you have a good dressing sense or you are a professional. You have seen that quality matters over quantity,so this is also the same case. Go for good stuffs and limited not go for more ones.It will difficult to match the clothes ,if you have number of stuffs. In other way it will be very easier to match your clothes if you have limited number of clothes.

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