How to have a better looking face instantly

How to have a better looking face instantly:

It’s such a good feeling to know that you look good right. It makes you more outgoing, it give you confidence to talks to that special girl. And to go into a work meeting feeling great. Most people thing that bone structure and crazy eyes can get women’s attention but there are definitely steps that you can take or that anyone can take to instantly change your look for the better. There are many easy ways “how to make your face look better instantly”.

1. Fixed your tired face

Sleepy young man does not want to wake up early in the morning

It means to fix your sleep schedule. We all those really have long days and nights and some people says hey you look a little tired today. And that not a compliment alright. This is all caused by not getting enough sleep. You know sleep is a kind of a human necessity so its rejuvenates your body and healthy as well.

2.Face packs

Every person desires radiant and glowing skin. The right face mask can work as an at-home express facial. Whether your major concern is stubborn large pores or signs of aging, a mask with the right potent blend of ingredients will quickly erase away your skincare troubles in less time.


“When mint is used topically, it stimulates circulation to bring new nutrients to the skin cells and gives skin a glow. Additionally, I advise my celebrity clients to drink peppermint tea before a big event. It boosts blood circulation, giving skin a vibrant glow,” says Rouleau.

4.Moisturizing Mask

Rough, flaky skin means that your face cream isn’t cutting it on its own. Once a week, use an intense moisturizing mask that’s rich in proteins and amino acids—it’ll slough off dead skin and hydrate simultaneously.

5.Activated Charcoal mask

Charcoal face masks absorb oil, dirt, and toxins and cleanse pores because of the presence of activated charcoal. The face masks also remove blackheads and exfoliate your skin thanks to the active ingredients in them.


Cream might be one of the most abused cosmetics—but it doesn’t have to mean weird gleaming streaks. To get instant radiance, try a cream highlighter that has a lustrous finish, not a glittery one.

7.Face wash

A face wash removes dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris. Throughout the day the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells. Daily facial washing removes these impurities to give the skin a fresh look.


Try a little tea tree oil, which is a known anti-inflammatory, and it can help calm sensitive skin. “Just make sure you are not allergic to this plant-based oil!” warns Dr. Mariwalla.

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